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NEW DATE 5/2/22 6pm - 11pm @ The Energy Centre, Founders Park Nelson.

Bass is back in the place Nelson & this time we are celebrating The Upbeats brand new album!
Warehouse Rave coming at ya!
Elsewhere NZ presents 100% DnB

New Zealand drum & bass titans The Upbeats have galvanised the last 18 months of global turbulence and turmoil to create their most explorative and emotionally heavy album to date. Set for release on Vision Recordings, August 27, ‘Not Forever’ is unlike anything the duo has released before. Written in a different way, approached from a different perspective, created with a newfound love for the creative process and the scene at large; It’s a whole new side to the duo who have continually pushed themselves and the sound into the unknown…

We've always seen an album as a way to explore some of the more experimental and creative areas of our song writing, and we really wanted to make that the focus on Not Forever…” 

Take everything you think you know about The Upbeats and hurl it out of a window like you might have lobbed your shoe to ‘Dead Limit’ years ago. ‘Not Forever’ is a whole new trip from Dylan Jones & Jeremy Glenn. A much deeper, more musical drum & bass investigation, it began as a series of ideas being sent 11,000 miles to each other’s bases in London and Auckland. Triggered by the global dancefloor shutdown, heightened by the fact that there was no possible way to meet each other due to travel bans, the focus was on creating something entirely different to what they’re best known for. 

“We set about creating musical sketches, without any thought given to creating 'drops'. We just wanted to explore and create moments that expressed a feeling or mood to us and it felt awesome to step out into a new way of creating music after so many years kinda sticking to a formula of sorts.”

Tapping into strong themes of nostalgia and a sense of yearning or longing, these primordial ideas gave them a new-found sonic freedom and a fluency they describe as “their most collaborative work since Dylan relocated to London in 2013.” With blank canvases far away from the DJ merry-go-round they’re used to cavorting on, these ideas led to collaborations with an exciting range of vocalists and songwriters. Kiwi king Joe Dukie from New Zealand royalty Fat Freddy’s Drop, original MC sparring partner Armanni Reign and other exciting talents such as Jordan Dennis, Levine, Sylvee, Syrene all play a role in this unique project that takes The Upbeats’ signature unkempt energy and raffish sense of surprise and flips it into unchartered territories. 

This album isn’t about making the loudest noise or surprising sonics. We actually wrote quite a bit of that hard stuff in the early stages. Even though it was satisfying enough, it didn’t really feel like we were taking ourselves anywhere different or exciting.” 

18 months later, they’ve arrived at their destination. Different, exciting and firmly focused on that oft-overlooked hinterland of musical drum & bass that doesn’t fall into standard liquid or mainstream subgenre tropes: ‘Not Forever’ embodies a style that uses urgency, poignancy and drama to convey its musicality. A style we’ve already experienced with singles ‘Realm’, ‘Divide’ and ‘Horizon’. A style that has given Dylan and Jeremy a newfound love for the creative process and the scene at large. Now seven albums deep, they continue to push themselves and the sound into the unknown…